ThreeForMe™ Laser Treatment

For patients wanting to address a variety of skin concerns such as pigmentation and discoloration, signs of aging, and blemishes ThreeForMe™ may be right for you. This revolutionary technology combines several forms of laser treatment to deliver beautiful new skin that looks younger, supple, and is vibrant, and bright without the need for surgery or significant downtime.

What is ThreeForMe™?
ThreeForMe™ is performed in two steps or passes. The first pass uses IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light, technology to treat discoloration and pigmentation concerns such as sun damage, age spots, and discoloration. This step will also correct any facial vein concerns. The second pass uses a cosmetic laser to penetrate beneath the skin’s surface and stimulate your body’s healing process to produce collagen and elastin. These proteins will then work to improve your skin’s appearance and elasticity designed to smooth out fine lines, surface imperfections, wrinkles, and the appearance of scars.
Depending on your needs, the lasers can be customized to address a variety of skin problems on the face, neck, chest, hands, and arms and is safe and effective in treating all skin colors and types.

This combination of treatments allows for patients to achieve dramatic results in half the time during a single treatment that is minimally invasive and requires little downtime. The number of treatments necessary to achieve your desired results will vary depending on your condition and concerns. Though we typically recommend 1-3 sessions over several months.

Following treatment patients may feel some tenderness, redness, and swelling similar to that of a mild sunburn. These symptoms should resolve within a few days, but patients can resume normal activities immediately after treatment.

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